Why I Love Living in Glendowie

There’s just something about a place that prompts you to stay there and lay down roots…

Glendowie is that place for me. I love this area so much.

Between the lovely coastal walks, the boating opportunities, and the quiet, safe and peaceful way the residents here live their lives, it is the perfect place to call home. It is away from the hustle and bustle of Auckland, yet close enough to the city when you want a bit of culture, the quiet living in Glendowie offers a unique advantage and lifestyle.

When I first moved here in August 2018, I was lucky enough to find a property to subdivide and build an additional home for my family. It is an ideal location as a suburb of Auckland, as it is beautiful and quiet, with friendly neighbours. Many people here are middle-aged or older, but those of all ages make their home here.

While Glendowie, and indeed the world, is on lockdown, on my walks I see joggers, other walkers , chalk drawings , teddy bears in windows and lots of friendly cats…not to mention amazing sunsets on the water.

I think everybody looks after their properties in Glendowie, so there is great visual stimulation. I’m blown away by the water views some of these homes have. I wonder why my wife and children don’t go for more walks – they are truly missing out! I smell home cooking, waves crashing along the surf, fan tails and cricket players doing their stuff in the parks. It is a residential oasis like no other.

Real Estate Agent lives in Glendowie, Auckland

Nelson working out at Wai O Taiki Bay

Glendowie History

The suburb of Glendowie was established in the 1920’s, when a loop road was built in this area by George Riddell. Back then, one of the earlier farm estates of the Taylor Brothers, called Glen Dowie (owned by Richard James Taylor) became the area’s namesake. This area also saw the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi at Karaka Bay, which is one of my favourite spots in all of Glendowie – a hidden treasure.

Today, enjoyable walks through urban farmland combine with more energetic walks through residential subdivisions and creates a unique rural experience with an urban setting.

Real Estate Agent lives in Glendowie, Auckland

Karaka Bay is an urban hidden beach right in Glendowie

What to Do in Glendowie

There is no shortage of amenities in this area. Close to the bush-like setting of Churchill Park, there are lots of little streams and lush trees to make it feel like you are in a more remote area. There is also a popular bowling and tennis club here. Glover Park has grass athletic tracks as well as concrete surfaces for cricket wickets and practice nets. And for active walkers there is access to Gentleman’s Bay with a hearty hill climb from the beach back to Riddell Road.

There is great coffee at all the cafes in town – I especially like the croissants at Showa Café. The shopping is not bad either, with local boutique shops lining some streets that invite both the casual and hardcore shopper.

An ideal Glendowie weekend would be to take walks around coastline, participate in the various water sports on the bay, have breakfast at a local cafe, and attend a sporting event at Crossfield Reserve, a large green space with a community center and skate park.

The beaches here tend to be more private than those of St Heliers and Kohmarama. Indeed, Karaka Bay is popular with local residents, and it is a good mooring spot for keep yachts and a launching pad for recreational sailors and anglers. At low tide, you can enjoy a particularly lovely walk between the Glendowie Yacht Club and Ladies Bay.

Another main draw of the areas is Tahuna Torea Reserve. At 25 hectares, it is a stunning green space along the water’s edge, and at low tide you can take a brisk walk to the end of a sandpit and catch the long-billed godwits in their natural environment.

Real Estate Agent lives in Glendowie, Auckland

Nelson’s boys at Karaka Bay in Glendowie

Glendowie Schools

Glendowie has good schools for kids of all ages. For the little ones there is Montessori Pre-School,Glendowie Primary School, and older kids here go to Churchill Park School. Continuing education schools include Glendowie College and Sacred Heart College Auckland, just to name a few.

This makes the area perfect for growing families and for those who work in Auckland, the commute into the city is an easy 10 minutes by car to the motorway connections in the morning.

Glendowie Houses for Sale

The typical Glendowie property is an attractive weatherboard house on a full site. People here take very good care of their homes and pride of ownership is apparent everywhere you may roam. Just over the last 10 years, Glendowie has seen property values almost triple, indicating a very healthy market, even in these trying times.

Some upcoming and projected urban developments that people should know about are nearby to Glendowie. The Tāmaki urban regeneration project plans to build 10,500 new homes in Glen Innes, Panmure and Point England. There will be 3,500 homes sold on the open market, 3,500 affordable homes, and 3,500 new state homes, giving something to suit most any budget.

The area is certainly seeing an influx of people, and it is not unusual for young people who have graduated school and started their careers, make the choice to come back to Glendowie where they first grew up, to settle and start their own families here.

I can easily envision Glendowie being a very sought after location in 10 years’ time, as your average home is on a 600-square meter site and it will still be a quiet peaceful area to live in. Perfect for all ages – young people, families and retired folks alike.

With the quiet suburban life right next to magnificent views of the water and an easy commute into Auckland, it is easy to see why Glendowie is a very good choice for modern living.

Real Estate Agent lives in Glendowie, Auckland

Nelson’s wife Laura out for a walk on Maskell Street, Glendowie